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By ai recruitment, we mean that the future of recruitment industry and agencies in 2021 and 2022 will be rule based ai or knowledge based ai automated recruitment systems.

In most human resources (HR) department today, the dominant saying by the HR personnel is Ai for recruiting technology. why is this?

Because Ai recruiting, since the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), recruiters have leveraged technology to make their jobs easier, faster, and better.

This means... the days when the best resumes and CVs of most qualified candidates are submitted and it fall into a black hole through the traditional corporate pipeline, never to be seen again are gone for good! Hip hip hooray!

Today in HR department, screening CVs/resumes efficiently and time-effectively still remains the biggest challenge in talent acquisition. Over 50% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.

With ai recruitment, you get the candidates you want in minutes, not months. As a business owner, you need a completely positive working group if you're going to be able to get through the year 2021 and build things back up.

The Ai recruitment technology will help hiring volume will increase this year, but over 60% of recruiting companies will either stay the same size or contract. This means that recruiters are being asked to do more with less.

Benefits of Recruitment

  1. Saving recruiters time by automating high-volume tasks - As a result, speeding up this part of recruiting through automation reduces time-to-hire, which means you will be less likely to lose the best candidate acquisition or talent to faster moving competitors.

  2. Improving quality of hire through standardized job matching - Again, as a result, improving quality of hire lies in its ability to use data to standardize the matching between candidates experience, knowledge and skills and the requirements of the job.

When it comes to making a business succeed in tough times, a positive-minded team of hard-working people is the key.

Your boss knows that - and so, you want to make sure he sees you as being an indispensable member of the team. So if you're a complainer stop. And resist the temptation to associate with those who are.

The Easiest Way to Become
Indispensable to Your Boss

The easiest way to become an indispensable to your boss is to ask yourself questions like... "What have you done recently - today or this past week - that was beyond your job, outside of what's expected?"

Keeping your career on track during tough time's means doing your own job superbly and at least part of someone else's work.

Don't allow this advice to be something you nod at and then forget. If you haven't done something above-and-beyond lately, do it today. Before dinner!

Infact, this year 2021, statistics show that approximately 85% of applicants don't hear back after submitting a CV or job application and, approximately 71% of employers claim that they can't find a candidate with the right skill set.

As a result, there's hope on the horizon as a number of companies have developed an ai recruitment assistants and applicant tracking systems/system features/system test/for recruiters/ system list/system pricing/reviews/help employers tool to help with job recruitments.

Recruiting chatbot
Recruiting chatbot - Job pal recruitment bots

5 List of Applicant Tracking Systems
& Ai Recruitment

The types of applicant tracking systems and ai recruitment tools are as follows:

  1. Ai Recruitment ( Ai Recruitment is a knowledge-led recruitment specialist in Electronic and Quantitative Trading Recruitment, Jobs, Employment, Quant Traders, Quant Analysis, Desk Heads, Electronic Sales, Graduates and Academics.

    Ai recruitment (, act as consultants to both candidates and clients, taking time to understand the subtleties of its niche market. Ai recruitment takes an analytical and knowledge-led approach to both contingency recruitment and retained search.

  2. Arya - An AI recruitment platform or methods of recruitment process. Arya allows you to become more knowledgeable about candidates you can recruits by using advanced analytics and machine learning to populate your pipeline with the top talent who are the best fit for the job. AI Recruiting platform that simplifying your recruiting process, find, engage, hire, and keep candidates that fit the best.

  3. Leo force ( megaman star force leo) - Hiring made easy! An AI talent recruitment & selection hiring process.

    Leo force (website:, not leo force security) is a web based applicant tracking and recruitment management solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers such services as social media integration, resume parsing, candidate management, and others. Leoforce has a starting price from $100 Per month/user.

  4. Mya Recruitment ( - Mya is an AI recruitment assistant or automated recruitment process or recruitment process software. Mya, the first Ai recruiting assistant, transforms the way companies qualify, engage, and nurture talent pipelines. Mya is an ai recruitment assistant - job recruiting and application tool created by FirstJob, a San Francisco based HR Technology Company, to automate its recruiting process.

    Mya ( is sensitive to your needs, responsive, inquisitive, direct, and had a sense of humour. Most importantly, she improved your chances of getting the job you want. The only problem you will encounter with mya so far: You won't be able to take her out to lunch to thank her.

    Mya is disruptive in every way, and she's set to revolutionize the talent pipeline. Mya is one of the first fully automated recruiting assistant, she instantly engages with applicants, poses contextual questions based on job requirements, and provides personalized updates, feedback, and next-step suggestions.

    By delivering custom messages designed to address specific recruiter pain points, and acquiring critical applicant answers, Mya enables recruiters to focus their time on interviewing and closing offers. Mya is powered by natural language processing technology, and is able to answer any question a candidate has related to the employer, including topics about company policies, culture, benefits and even the hiring process.

    When she can't answer a candidate question, she queries the recruiter, gets back to the candidate, and learns how to respond the next time. A recruiter will never again have to answer the same question twice.

    One of the main problems for recruiters today is the "spray and pray" approach to job searching, whereby job seekers apply to every posting that is a near match.

    As a result, recruiters are often inundated by low quality applicants and locked into a tedious and inefficient process. Mya solves this problem by eliminating irrelevant resumes CVs, and engaging directly with viable candidates, and uncovering valuable insights to help recruiters make better hiring decisions.

  5. Olivia Recruiting Ai ( - Olivia by Recruiting Ai ( is an automated recruitment system or ai recruitment process system. Hi, I'm Olivia, your Personal Ai Recruiting Assistant. I transform the candidate and recruiter experience.

Strategies for Living and
Working During Innovation and
Digital Disruption Times

Today in 2021, Brexit, innovation and digital disruption in businesses are going on. There is a race to the top (or R2T, RTTT or RTT). We're seeing fintech this and fintech that; fintech companies; fintech financial technology, fintech solution; best fintect investors or hottest fintech startups etc.

Also, as a result of June 23 referendum, 2016 (5 years ago), which United Kingdom (UK) citizen voted to leave European union after being a member for 46 years to take back control of its immigration and borders.

The European Union countries are hoping that london fintech or fintech startups london or UK fintech companies will relocate to the main land Europe. This is causing an anxiety with some people over brexit vote.

Almost every business today are struggling. Most are in decline. Retail stores are closing in record number. Bankruptcies are up. There is disruption in the banking and financial industry.

Some people are having double mind on globalization, and isolationism is grabing the headlines.

Donald J. Trump won the United States of America (US or USA) election 2016 over top favourite Hillary Clinton and, Columbia rejects the peace treaty after 51 years old civil war; Italian Prime Minister Renzi lost referendum and resigned.

For the first time now in years, smart and capable people are out of jobs. People you would hire yourself if you had the work - who have been pounding the pavement for months without results.

How long this will last and how hard it will hit us are the important questions. You can't pretend to know the answers, but it seems prudent to prepare for the worst.

Prepare for a long, bad time of it and you'll do better whatever happens

To survive and prosper in the coming years, you are goingto have to:

  1. Make yourself indispensable to your boss
  2. Learn to live more frugally. Curtail your spending and lower or eliminate your debt
  3. Quietly create a second, side income, for example, click here to see a Mobile-Based Business OR Copy This Idea FREE Book
  4. Buy investments only when they become dirt-cheap

The main idea is this: Now is not the time to be laid off at work - so be realistic about the situation you are in (your job may be in jeopardy) and do everything youcan to secure it. Not happy advice, I know. But think about it.

The Future of Recruiting

The future of recruiting is here with us today in 2021, where we could catch the best candidates quickly... saving us both the time and cost immediately recognizable.

It's easy to use artificial intelligence to make faster and better informed recruiting decisions.

Advantages of Recruitment

  1. Stop Screening Resumes - Free up the time to perform more value-added activities.
  2. Eliminate Subconscious Bias - Ai recruiting allows you to eliminate all biases in your recruiting and selection process.
  3. Rediscover Candidates - Rediscover qualified candidates that have already applied that might be a fit for a new role.

AI Recruitment Journal "Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Description 2021"
Political Recruitment across Two CenturiesDuring more than twenty years of field research, Roderic Ai Camp built a monumental database of biographical information on more than 3,000 leading national figures in Mexico. In this major contribution to Mexican political history, he draws on that database to present a definitive account of the paths to power Mexican political leaders pursued during the period 1884 to 1992. Camp's research clarifies the patterns of political recruitment in Mexico, showing the consequences of choosing one group over another. It calls into question numerous traditional assumptions, including that upward political mobility was a cause of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Comparing Mexican practices with those in several East Asian countries also allows Camp to question many of the tenets of political recruitment theory. His book will be of interest to students not only of Mexican politics but also of history, comparative politics, political leadership, and Third World development.
The Human Frontal LobesNow in a revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative work synthesizes the rapidly growing knowledge base on the human frontal lobes and their central role in behavior, cognition, health, and disease. Leading contributors address neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and normal neuropsychological functioning, and describe the nature and consequences of frontal lobe dysfunction in specific neurological and psychiatric conditions. Second edition features include a new section on structural and functional neuroimaging and substantially expanded coverage of frontotemporal dementia and related disorders. Other new topics include self-consciousness, competence, and personality; new testing approaches; bipolar disorder; and adult-onset genetic disorders of the frontal lobes. The book is illustrated with nearly 100 figures.
Business StudiesA text Book on Businees Studies
Stock, Recruitment and Reference PointsThe present book collects the available knowledge about the ecology of Atlantic salmon and contemporary stock assessment methods supporting the specific task of establishing reference points. Stock and recruitment analysis receives special attention because it is a key concept in the definition of reference points.
Squid Recruitment DynamicsNelson Education's market-leading Human Resource Management Series is the only opportunity that students and practitioners have to own a complete set of HRM books, standardized in presentation, that enables access to information quickly across many HRM disciplines. Recruitment and Selection in Canada provides a complete and thorough introduction to current recruitment and selection practices in a readable, non-technical style that minimizes scientific jargon and focuses on basic concepts. This text is designed to meet the needs of both students and practitioners working in human resources, and provides an up-to-date review of the current issues and methodologies that are used in recruiting and selecting employees for Canadian organizations.
Mathematical Models for Communicable DiseasesA self-contained and comprehensive guide to the mathematical modeling of disease transmission, appropriate for graduate students.
AI*IA 99:Advances in Artificial IntelligenceThis book contains the extended versions of 33 papers selected among those originally presented at the Sixth Congress of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA). The congress of the AI*IA is the most relevant Italian event in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and has been receiving much attention from many researchers and practitioners of different countries. The sixth congress was held in Bologna, 14-17 September 1999, and was organized in twelve scientific sessions and one demo session. The papers here collected report on significant work carried out in different areas of artificial intelligence, in Italy and other countries. Areas such as automated reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, and machine learning continue to be thoroughly investigated. The collection also shows a growing interest in the field of multi-agent systems, perception and robotics, and temporal reasoning. Many people contributed in different ways to the success of the congress and to this volume. First of all, the members of the program committee who efficiently handled the reviewing of the 64 papers submitted to the congress, and later on the reviewing of the 41 papers submitted for publication in this volume. They provided three reviews for each manuscript, by relying on the support of valuable additional reviewers. The members of the organizing committee, namely Rosangela Barruffi, Paolo Bellavista, Anna Ciampolini, Marco Cremonini, Enrico Denti, Marco Gavanelli, Mauro Gaspari, Michela Milano, Rebecca Montanari, Andrea Omicini, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Cesare Stefanelli, and Paolo Torroni, worked hardy supporting at solving problems during and after the congress.
Application of International Labour Standards 2006 (I)Business Studies Syllabus Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi
The Psychology of Behaviour at WorkThis superb introduction to the field of organizational psychology and organizational behaviour builds on the foundation of the highly successful first edition to provide up-to-date explanations of all the key topics in a clear, coherent and accessible style. The text is supported by numerous illustrations and examples as well as end-of-chapter summaries and concluding remarks. Topic sections on key research studies, as well as applied aspects such as human resources applications and cross-cultural issues, lead the reader through the complexities of the theory to its practical application. The Psychology of Behaviour at Work covers all major topics in the field, from vocational choice, personality, attitudes, motivation and stress, to cooperation, learning, training, group dynamics, decision making and leadership. Further sections introduce corporate culture and climate, as well as organisational structure, change and development, and a final section outlines predictions not only for the future study of organizational psychology, but of the future of work itself. As with the first edition, The Psychology of Behaviour at Work will prove to be an invaluable resource for psychology students on work and organizational psychology courses, business students on organizational behaviour courses, and human resources managers eager to expand their knowledge of this fascinating field.
Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia: The Recruitment, Emigration, and Settlement at Darien, 1735-1748Between 1735 and 1748 hundreds of young men and their families emigrated from the Scottish Highlands to the Georgia coast to settle and protect the new British colony. These men were recruited by the trustees of the colony and military governor James Oglethorpe, who wanted settlers who were accustomed to hardship, militant in nature, and willing to become frontier farmer-soldiers. In this respect, the Highlanders fit the bill perfectly through training and tradition. Recruiting and settling the Scottish Highlanders as the first line of defense on the southern frontier in Georgia was an important decision on the part of the trustees and crucial for the survival of the colony, but this portion of Georgia's history has been sadly neglected until now. By focusing on the Scots themselves, Anthony W. Parker explains what factors motivated the Highlanders to leave their native glens of Scotland for the pine barrens of Georgia and attempts to account for the reasons their cultural distinctiveness and old world experience aptly prepared them to play a vital role in the survival of Georgia in this early and precarious moment in its history.
Ecology of Australian Freshwater FishesReviews our past and present understanding of Australian freshwater fishes.
The Oxford Handbook of RecruitmentThis handbook includes the most up to date, evidence-based, and comprehensive coverage of recruitment and retention, as written by the top leaders of recruitment research in the world.
AI 2003: Advances in Artificial IntelligenceThis book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 16th Australian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AI 2003, held in Perth, Australia in December 2003. The 87 revised full papers presented together with 4 keynote papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 179 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on ontologies, problem solving, knowledge discovery and data mining, expert systems, neural network applications, belief revision and theorem proving, reasoning and logic, machine learning, AI applications, neural computing, intelligent agents, computer vision, medical applications, machine learning and language, AI and business, soft computing, language understanding, and theory.
Intelligent Decision Making: An AI-Based ApproachIntelligent Decision Support Systems have the potential to transform human decision making by combining research in artificial intelligence, information technology, and systems engineering. The field of intelligent decision making is expanding rapidly due, in part, to advances in artificial intelligence and network-centric environments that can deliver the technology. Communication and coordination between dispersed systems can deliver just-in-time information, real-time processing, collaborative environments, and globally up-to-date information to a human decision maker. At the same time, artificial intelligence techniques have demonstrated that they have matured sufficiently to provide computational assistance to humans in practical applications. This book includes contributions from leading researchers in the field beginning with the foundations of human decision making and the complexity of the human cognitive system. Researchers contrast human and artificial intelligence, survey computational intelligence, present pragmatic systems, and discuss future trends. This book will be an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the current state of knowledge and key research gaps in the rapidly developing field of intelligent decision support.
Variability of American Oyster Recruitment and Harvest and Blue Crab Distribution in the Maryland Portion of the Chesapeake BayGreater workforce diversity and business trends make the management of such diversity an important challenge for organizational leaders. The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work offers a comprehensive review of current theory and research and stimulates thoughtful and provocative conversation about future study of diversity in the workplace.
Fishery Management Plan and Regulatory Analysis for Spiny Lobster in the Gulf of MexicoThis brand new text has been written by internationally renowned authors at the front lines of pulmonary medicine research. COPD is a problem of increasing global importance, and this reference successfully brings together all the latest developments in the field in a single volume. It focuses particularly on the pathobiology of COPD and treatment options available.
International Conference on Humanity and Social Science, (ICHSS2014)The conference will be held in Guangzhou, China during June 29-30, 2014. The aim objective of ichss2014 is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Humanity and Social Science topics. This conference provides opportunities for the different areas delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. We hope that the conference results constituted significant contribution to the knowledge in these up to date scientific field. ichss2014 is supposed to be the largest technical event on Humanity and Social Science in Guangzhou in 2014. The focus of the conference is to establish an effective platform for institutions and industries to share ideas and to present the works of scientists, engineers, educators and students from all over the world. The organizing committee of conference is pleased to invite prospective authors to submit their original manuscripts to ichss2014. As preparation for ICSS2014, hundreds of contributions were received and reviewed. Most of these contributions have brought us a new possible solution to our problems; some of them can even be called as a breakthrough. All these researches have been included in this book. I believe it will be of great value to your future study.
Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development: A Practical Guide to Transforming Talent Management Strategy for Business ResultsStrengths-Based Recruitment and Development explains how and why strengths-based recruitment (SBR) is having a transformational impact on performance in top companies like Saga, Gap, Starbucks and SABMiller. By shifting the focus from what people can do (competency-based recruitment) to what they naturally enjoy doing, or SBR, these companies have reported results which include a 50% drop in staff turnover, 20% increase in productivity and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction within a matter of months. It is no wonder that organizations in many sectors are adopting this new and powerful approach to improve performance, customer satisfaction and competitive edge. Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development includes case studies and interviews with executive board level leaders. These provide rare insight into how they implemented strengths approaches in their organizations to improve the bottom line and performance. The book shows how strengths-based talent management goes beyond simply recruiting the right people to creating a strategy and culture that has a transformational effect on organisational culture and results. Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development will be the go-to book on strengths-based talent management for HR professionals and managers.
The Human Frontal Lobes, Second EditionNow in a revised and expanded second edition, this authoritative work synthesizes the rapidly growing knowledge base on the human frontal lobes and their central role in behavior, cognition, health, and disease. Leading contributors address neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and normal neuropsychological functioning, and describe the nature and consequences of frontal lobe dysfunction in specific neurological and psychiatric conditions. Second edition features include a new section on structural and functional neuroimaging and substantially expanded coverage of frontotemporal dementia and related disorders. Other new topics include self-consciousness, competence, and personality; new testing approaches; bipolar disorder; and adult-onset genetic disorders of the frontal lobes. The book is illustrated with nearly 100 figures.
Early Life History and Recruitment in Fish PopulationsMany of the processes influencing recruitment to an adult fish population or entry into a fishery occur very early in life. The variations in life histories and behaviours of young fish and the selective processes operating on this variation ultimately determine the identities and abundance of survivors. This important volume brings together contributions from many of the world's leading researchers from the field of fish ecology. The book focuses on three major themes of pressing importance in the analysis of the role that the early life history of fishes plays in the number and quality of recruits: the selective processes at play in their early life history; the contributions of early life history to the understanding of recruitment.
Advanced Methods for Decision Making and Risk Management in Sustainability ScienceUnderstanding sustainability is vital to resolving and managing many of today's problems, on a global as well as local scale. Sustainability science is an emerging field of research that comprises concepts and methodologies from different disciplines in a problem-oriented manner. Research efforts are often concentrated in a variety of sectoral domains. The heterogeneity of scientific tasks involved here and the complexity of environmental and social systems call for specific research strategies which are generally a compromise between high-precision analysis and educated guesswork. For understanding of global change, which embraces a variety of processes on several scales, information needs to be refined and compressed rather than amplified. This book aims at presenting advanced methods and techniques to make them available to a wider scientific community involved in global change and sustainability research. The contributions describe novel schemes to study the relationship between the socio-economic and the natural sphere and/or the social dimensions of climate and global change. The methodological approaches can be useful in the design and management of environmental systems, for policy development, environmental risk reduction, and prevention/mitigation strategies. In this context, a variety of environmental and sustainability aspects can be addressed, e.g. changes in the natural environment and land use, environmental impacts on human health, economics and technology, institutional interactions, human activities and behaviour.
The Molecular and Cellular Biology of Wound Repair'Provides comprehensive detail on the various aspects of particular molecules involved in the phases of injury and repair and the cellular movements and processes....This is an excellent reference book for libraries serving biology and health science clientele and for workers in this field of research.' -American Scientist, from a review of the First Edition All chapters of this second edition have been completely revised and expanded-especially the chapters on growth factors and extracellular matrix molecules. New chapters discuss provisional matrix proteins, extracellular matrix receptors, and scarring versus nonscarring wound healing.
The Ohio Journal of ScienceIncludes book reviews and abstracts.
Pathways to PowerA cross-national analysis of political recruitment and candidate selection in six Latin American countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay. Provides typology and theoretical insights for other countries in the region and around the world--Provided by publisher.
Intellectuals and the State in Twentieth-Century MexicoIn developing countries, the extent to which intellectuals disengage themselves in state activities has widespread consequences for the social, political, and economic development of those societies. Roderic Camps' examination of intellectuals in Mexico is the first study of a Latin American country to detail the structure of intellectual life, rather than merely considering intellectual ideas. Camp has used original sources, including extensive interviews, to provide new data about the evolution of leading Mexican intellectuals and their relationship to politics and politicians since 1920.
The Complete IT Recruitment Survival GuideAyub Shaikh is a renowned trainer, famous for having brought credibility, confidence and industry knowledge to over 5,000 IT recruitment consultants, HR professionals and resourcers through his training courses around the world.
Michigan Biographical Dictionary: A-IOriginally published in 1973, this book is a review of the established literature on local government and the mainstream studies of public policy in political science.
Motor Unit TypesPersonnel selection is changing. Whilst traditional face-to-face interviews are still common, the range of assessment processes that inform the selection of candidates is increasingly diverse, taking advantage not only of new technologies, but also using new methods and strategies, such as assessment centres and personality testing. This new collection looks at the most important contemporary issues in recruitment, selection and assessment today, highlighting the latest research from the perspective of both recruiter and applicant. The book is written by an international range of prominent scholars in this area, and provides up-to-date analysis of key topic areas, including: How measurements of intelligence can impact on recruitment policies The use and value of personality tests An analysis of social interaction in the interview process The value and impact of video resumes in recruitment How social networks affect how applicants are perceived Job analysis and competencies modelling Part of the Current Issues in Work & Organizational Psychology series, this is an important book that shines a light on the latest theory and practice in employee recruitment. It will interest not only students and researchers of Organizational Psychology, HRM and Business and Management, but will also engage professionals in the field.
Physician Recruitment and EmploymentPhysician Recruitment and Employment: A Complete Reference Guide is a comprehensive orientation and instruction manual for physician recruitment and employment policies and contracts. An invaluable resource for hospitals and health care providers who have questions about the far-reaching government regulations pertaining to physician recruitment, this book will help readers avoid potential pitfalls and help ensure legal compliance. In a world where the regulations regarding physician recruitment are vague and often contradictory, Physician Recruitment and Employment: A Complete Reference Guide will help you stay on top of ever-changing guidelines. Comes with Free CD-ROM! Using this text, you will: bull; bull; Know the areas most likely to be scrutinized by the government bull; Understand the current legal environment and how the rules apply to providers bull; Learn how to create a physician recruitment policies document bull; Have confidence in knowing that your practices are safe and sound
Reinventing Patient RecruitmentDuring the last five years, clinical research and development costs have risen exponentially without a proportionate increase in the number of new medications. While patient recruitment for clinical studies is only one component in the development of a new medicine or treatment, it is one of the most significant bottlenecks in the overall drug development process. Now, it is imperative that industry leaders see beyond reactive measures and recognize that advancing their approach to patient recruitment is absolutely essential to advancing medicine and continuing the stability of their corporate brand across the globe. Reinventing Patient Recruitment: Revolutionary Ideas for Clinical Trial Success is a definitive guide to planning, implementing, and evaluating recruitment strategies and campaigns globally. The combined experience of the authors provides a depth of perspective and boldness of innovative leadership to set the standards for future patient recruitment programs and practices.This book is a must-have for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industry professionals concerned with enrolling for domestic and multinational clinical studies and remaining on time and on budget.
Benguela DynamicsThis two volume NAO report examines the recruitment and retention of armed forces personnel. As of July 2006, the trained strength of the armed forces stood at around 180,690, with an estimated shortfall of 5,170 against the Departments requirement. Overall the armed forces are not in manning balance, with the figures masking a wider shortage of trained personnel within a range of specific trade groups across all three services. All three services expect to be within manning balance by April 2008, though historically the services have consistently run below the full manning requirement. The NAO has identified 88 operational pinch point trades where there is insufficient trained strength to perform operational tasks. The report sets out a number of conclusions and recommendations, including: that the Department should review overall manning requirements within individual operational pinch points and also develop guidelines on the expected levels of voluntary outflow for individual operational pinch points; regular surveys of personnel should be carried out, focusing on factors that reduce retention; the Department should also assess the impact of the work/life balance and the extent to which breaches of individual harmony may be understated; further, the Department should look to investigate measures to provide greater stability and certainty of work patterns for personnel between operational deployments; also that a cost effective analysis should be conducted on the payment of financial retention incentives and the impact on decisions to continue serving in the armed forces; the Department should also review the scope of schemes which provide opportunities to offer competitive salaries, and consider the recruitment to a wider range of trades than is currently the practice; the Department should also develop a clear order of priority for the wide range of long-term projects it has planned and commit to firm timescales and funding programmes for the most important. A companion volume (HC 1633-II, session 2005-06, ISBN 0102943575) is available separately which contains case studies and detailed survey results.
Rituals Of Recruitment In Tang ChinaThis study analyzes records of annual ritual performances in order to trace the emergence of the culture of civil service examination recruitment in its social and political contexts during China's Tang dynasty (618-907).