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Robot lawyer (or perhaps the world's first robot lawyer) is giving free legal advice not just to parking tickets or speeding tickets offences, but now, also to refugees asylum seeker.

Joshua Browder robot lawyer - a technology originally used to fight traffic fines or speeding parking tickets is now helping refugees with legal claims.

Is Robot lawyer an Artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML)? Anyway, Joshua Browder developed Do Not Pay Robot Lawyer; he called it "the world's first robot lawyer".

Robot lawyer is a chatbot (or chatbot lawyer) - a computer program that carries out conversations through texts or vocal commands. And it uses Facebook Messenger to gather information about a case before spitting out advice and legal helping guide documents.

Joshua Browder's robot lawyer was originally designed to help people wiggle out of parking or speeding tickets. But now Joshua Browder, a 20-year-old British man currently living and studying at Stanford University of United States of America (US or USA); has adapted his robot lawyer bot to help asylum seekers.

In the US and Canada, Joshua Browder's robot lawyer 2.0 is helping refugees complete immigration applications, and in the United Kingdom (UK), it can aid asylum seekers in obtaining financial support from the government.

Do not pay robot lawyer
Do not pay robot lawyer
The DoNotPay chatbot shown on an iPhone of Joshua Browder.

The chatbot lawyer works by asking the user a series of questions, in order to determine which application the refugee needs to fill out and whether a refugee is eligible for asylum protection under international law.

Once it knows a user can claim asylum, it takes down hundreds of details and automatically fills in a completed immigration application.

Crucially, all the questions that the bot asks are in plain English and artificial intelligence generated feedback appears during the conversation.

The bot suggests ways the asylum seeker can answer questions to maximise their chances of having applications accepted, for example:

The best answer for your situation will include a description of when the mistreatment started in your home country.

After asking the user a series of questions, the chatbot lawyer takes down the necessary details required for the appropriate asylum application; an I-589 for the United States or a Canadian Asylum Application for Canada.

Those in the UK are told they need to apply in person, and the bot helps fill out an ASF1 form for asylum support.

It is crucial the questions were in plain English. The language in these forms can be quite complicated for many people.

These details are used to auto-fill an application form for the US, Canada or the UK. Once the form is sent off, the details are deleted from the chatbot lawyer device.

Joshua Browder Picture

Joshua Browder robot lawyer
Joshua Browder robot lawyer

Joshua Browder is born in London in 1996 and is 25 year old. He is a British entrepreneur and public figure. He is the founder of DoNotPay, the first joshua browder website that allows motorists to appeal their parking tickets automatically.

The 25-year-old chose Facebook Messenger as a home for the latest incarnation of his robot lawyer because of accessibility. It works with almost every device, making it accessible to over a billion people.

Joshua agree that Messenger doesn't come without its pitfalls. Unlike some other chat apps, it's not automatically end-to-end encrypted.

Joshua Browder says there is, however, end-to-end encryption between his server and Facebook. However, ideally it would be nice to expand to WhatsApp when their platform opens up, particularly because it's popular internationally.

Once the application is sent, the data is destroyed from his servers within 10 minutes of someone using the bot.

DoNotPay ChatBot

The DoNotPay chatbot 2.0 was launched on Wednesday 8th March 2017 at 12.01 AM morning, GMT/British/UK time. This is not ross robot lawyer or robot lawyer ross.

The Donotpay chatbot has a website or, which is free robot lawyer to use, and will remain that way, according to the owner Joshua Browder.

Joshua Browder wants robot lawyer to completely free as a public service, as he does not want to profit from it.

Even though DoNotPay has gone far beyond its original intentions, Joshua Browder has no plans to change its name.

Robot lawyer parking tickets or donotpay chatbot is a brand everyone seems to know now, according to the owner Joshua Browder.

Joshua Browder wants to make donotpay chatbot as recognisable as possible so people understand that they don't have to pay lawyers huge amounts of money for just copying and pasting documents.

DoNotPay chatbot is now used in

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  2. App to help Refugees or refugee app - To help successfully CLAIM ASYLUM in UK and US
  3. Delayed fights - and all sorts of trivial consumer rights issues
  4. Homelessness in the UK
  5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) legal advice
  6. Payment protection insurance (PPI)