What is Ai Artificial intelligence?
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What is ai artificial intelligence? - intelligent machines
Intelligent Machines? What is Ai Artificial intelligence?

What is Ai in 2021 & 2020

Ai What is it?

What is Kizuna Ai?

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Today in 2021, what is AI (Artificial intelligence)?

The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn

What happen when we teach a computer how to learn? Here we shares some surprising new developments in the fast-moving field of deep learning, a technique that can give computers the ability to learn Chinese, or to recognize objects in photos, or to help think through a medical diagnosis.

One deep learning tool, after watching hours of YouTube, taught itself the concept of "cats" get caught up on a field that will change the way the computers around you behave... sooner than you probably think.

What is ai ai technology
What is ai technology and latest new ai technology

A computer can beat the world chess champion and understand voice commands on your smartphone, but real artificial intelligence has yet to arrive. The pace of change is quickening, though.

Some people say it will save humanity, even make us immortal. Others say it could destroy us all. But, the truth is, most of us don't really know what AI is.

Ai what is it?
Ai what is it?, what is artificial intelligence ai? what does ai mean or what is ai mean?

Robots with "Soul"
Can we live in harmony with robots?

What kind of robots does an animator, jazz musician, robotics make, playful, reactive and curious ones. This day there is film of family of unusual robots - including two musical bots that like to jam with humans.

Do we really need to fear AI?

What is ai in computer?
What is ai in computer?, what is artificial intelligence ai in computer? what is ai in computer science?

There is so many talk about the dangers of AI but are the concerns overblown and will it be the machines that really need rights?

Artificial Intelligence in Banking

We all know banks like to make money and increases its revenues. Otherwise, we'll not have Bank Rip Offs, or US Bank Ripoff or bank of America ripoff or even Chase Bank Rioff. So, the ai questions or ai interview questions we like to know are:-

  • In which banking businesses is artificial intelligence technology mainly be used?
  • How does artificial intelligence technology increase a bank's revenues?
  • What are the trends in the application of artificial intelligence technology in the banking industry?

AI is looking to shape the Financial landscape but how much of it is hype and what is reality?

What have financial institutions achieved with AI so far and, what are the blocking factors for progress?

Banking industry will need everybody to participate in this to answer these questions and others including:

  • How aware are people within banks about what AI could mean for their business going forward?

  • Is AI yet mainstream and if not when will it be?

  • Which areas of the financial services business and which elements of the value chain stand to be most significantly disrupted by AI?

  • How far have banks progressed with implementation of the various different technologies within the AI stable?

  • What are the key benefits of AI, how are financial institutions challenged in realising them, and what are the essential success factors to consider from the outset?

This is not Ask Ai Questions and Answers session. At present, the main technical benefits of artificial intelligence are in data mining, image recognition and semantic analysis.

These technologies are increasingly being used in banking businesses, mainly toward the following uses:

  • Anti-Money Laundering,
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Identity Authentication,
  • Market Analysis,
  • and Risk Control

Applications of artificial intelligence
Innovative future applications of artificial intelligence in robotics, computer science, medicine, engineering and systems

For example, below are the main Artificial Intelligence Companies with Banking Applications:-

  • Ai applications in Identification - Companies are:- FACE++
  • Ai business applications in Marketing - Companies are:- ai AUTOMATED INSIGHTS, Localytics, NarrativeScience, Wise.io

  • Ai applications in Human Resources (HR) - Companies are: unitive, textio
  • Ai business applications in Help Desk - Companies are:- DigitalGenius, IBM Watson, interactions, next IT, NUANCE

  • Ai applications in Customer relationship management (CRM) - Companies: salesforceIQ, fuse|machines, clari, Next, EVERSTRING, appboy
  • Ai business applications in Knowledge Management - Companies are:- cloze, context relevant, FinGenius, KENSHO, alphasense

  • Ai applications in Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) - Companies: Digital Reasoning
  • Ai business applications in Risk Management - Companies are:- WOLFRAM, AYASDI

  • Ai applications in Business Intelligence (BI) - Companies: DATARPM, METRIC, H2O, Google Prediction API, IBM Watson, cloudInfra, Microsoft Azure, bigml

Which banking businesses uses artificial intelligence technology?

Today in 2021, the main benefits of artificial intelligence technology are in data mining, image recognition, and semantic analysis.

Therefore, the technology is mainly used in identity authentication, market analysis, customer relationship management, anti-money laundering, and risk control.


When we talk about knowledge management, we means organizational knowledge which includes the bank's product knowledge, IT knowledge, and compliance knowledge;

Outside knowledge includes national regulations, industry policies, market analysis reports, and industry dynamics.

Artificial intelligence programs can analyze all such knowledge and provide the corresponding knowledge responses to bank employees and customers.

These knowledge responses include, for example, "Which new regulatory ordinances will affect our company?"


FinGenius has its Headquartered in London; FinGenius is an active artificial intelligence developer and provider in the financial industry.

FinGenius uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language, and reasoning technology to generate banking and insurance knowledge, and in turn, uses this information to provide knowledge services to customers and employees.

FinGenius will interact with each user according to his or her characteristics to ensure that the interaction is anthropomorphic, which is a much better approach than using Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and search modes.

The FinGenius system can answer various queries from financial institutions' customers and employees, covering topics such as personal banking, commercial banking, and investment banking.

FinGenius and Accenture commenced their cooperation 7 years ago, and through Accenture's FinTech project, they have worked together with 12 large banks.

The goal of FinGenius is to provide knowledge distribution and customer service automation solutions to large banks.

Below is a quick description of FinGenius Products, which includes:-

• Virtual Concierge - Virtual Concierge is an electronic banking assistant that helps users with various queries. For instance, "How much money did I spend on my car last year? " "Have I bought flood insurance? " etc.

• Employee Buddy - Employee Buddy is an employee self-learning tool that helps train new employees and answers queries about technical support and company policies.

• Compliance - Compliance helps bank employees make compliance decisions quickly. Compliance can also answer employees' various compliance queries and provide corresponding recommendations.

It is easy to integrate FinGenius products into ATMs, KIOSKs, and existing banking and insurance systems.

It supports three deployment models, namely cloud deployment, local deployment, and integrated deployment.

  • Cloud deployment - Suitable for non-sensitive information.
  • Local deployment - Local deployment is recommended for data with high security requirements.
  • Integrated deployment - The FinGenius system can integrate with and be embedded in other systems.